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Dear Frustrated Facebook Marketer,


Tanner Larsson here.

Look, I’m just going to come right out and say it. There’s a very unpleasant truth about Facebook marketing that isn’t talked about enough.

You’ve been hearing that the Holy Grail of Facebook is cheap “likes” or clicks. But you know what?

I don’t care if you can get all your Fan Page “likes” for .02 or less.

The ability to get cheap clicks to build out huge Fan Pages isn’t the real issue most marketers face with Facebook. The real issue is how do you monetize your pages safely and effectively? 

Here’s a small sample of quotes from frustrated Fan Page owners with huge fan bases . . . obviously, growing big Fan Pages isn’t the real issue here!

  • “How should I monetize a fan page with 1.8 million fans?”
  • “I have a fan page with more than 26k fans and growing 30 likes per day but I am not able to monetize this page . . . any help?”
  • “Looking for the best way to monetize my Facebook page with 192,473 likes!” 
  • “I have over 110K likes, how can I make money off it?”


I just couldn’t get excited about monetizing my Fan Pages with low-cost merchandise like stickers or risking my Fan Pages by monetizing with “iffy” CPA offers that could get me banned from Facebook.  

Why would I get excited about only earning pennies per sale?

Monetizing my Fan Pages was a real problem.

I wracked my brain for a solution. I had some Fan Pages in very passionate niches like gun rights.

It occurred to me that these were the kind of people who liked to proclaim their passion to the world by wearing a t-shirt . . .

T-shirts might just be the ticket for hard to monetize Fan Pages!

But finding an apparel provider was the real challenge. I checked out Zazzle.com and CafePress, but both seemed to be more hassle than they were worth.

Then I started hearing some buzz about Teespring.com from some other marketers trying it out.

They just kept raving about Teespring!

I decided to give Teespring a go and was blown away. Just how good was Teespring for my business?

Well, let’s just say my latest 7 day Teespring campaign just ended and it resulted in an 806% ROI. 

I found out how incredibly easy this crowd sourced start-up made selling apparel to my Fan Page members.

How easy you ask?

Well, I always say a picture tells a thousand words . . . here’s a peek inside my Teespring account. 


The No-Hassle Way to Sell Shirts without Losing Yours in the Process . . . 

Here’s why Teespring is so awesome.

  • Create & sell custom apparel with zero upfront costs
  • No need for high-priced designers—Teespring’s built-in designer features over 10, 000 images and tons of font options. 
  • You can also upload your own designs if you choose 
  • Teespring’s shirts features quality screen printing, not some cheesy heat press process that cracks & fades and makes you look bad to your customers 
  • No payment processing to deal with—Teespring takes care of it all 
  • Teespring handles packaging and shipping for you 
  • No dealing with returns—that’s Teespring’s baby, not yours

Teespring has everything a marketer wants and everything a marketer wants to avoid all rolled into one! 


I’ve been experimenting with Teespring for quite some time now and have been thrilled with my results. Once I got a Teespring system down pat, I just couldn’t wait to share it with my coaching students. 

On August 7, 2013 I held a marathon, four-hour live Teespring training session with over 500 on the call.

Nothing was left out and I stayed until every possible question about making money with Teespring was answered.

I covered EVERYTHING imaginable about how to monetize with Teespring, including:

  • My campaign posting Formula for maximizing sales without pissing off your fans. 
  • How to sell 50 shirts a week without using a fan page or email list. 
  • My one easy to implement trick that will instantly increase your sales by a minimum of 30%! 
  • How to use an “options stack” to get buyers to purchase more than one shirt at a time! 
  • A sneaky tip that will allow you to earn an extra $1 to $2 profit per shirt without changing any part of your campaign.
  • The proper way to utilize Teesprings ‘goal’ system to both drive sales and maximize profits. 
  • Exactly how to leverage the Facebook Ad system to get super cheap, but highly targeted traffic to your offer. 
  • How to properly leverage the scarcity factor so that it practically forces prospects to buy. 

Here’s just a taste of the astounding feedback I received about that call:

image5 image4 image3 image2

And just so you don’t think this phenomenal training session was merely a “flash-in-the-pan” moment, I held another call later in the month.

I had a whole new group raving about the value they had received from my training: 


The Only Complete Training System  Available Right Now to Create Overnight Profits with Teespring . . 

The rave reviews I received about those calls was the impetus to create a complete training course on how to make steady income with Teespring.

I decided during that epic call I wanted to share even more insider Teespring training with the good people who deserved to stop struggling to monetize their Fan Pages.

Or even struggling to make a buck anywhere online!

People send me emails all the time and tell me about how frustrated they are trying to make a living or even make a little extra spending money online.

It makes me crazy, because it just doesn’t have to be that way.

Look, I’ve gone through the same frustrations as you have trying to make a buck from Fan Pages but being unable to monetize them effectively.

Nothing is worse than having a huge fan page when you can’t monetize it effectively!

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you one of the most exciting opportunities that I’ve seen come around for a long, long time that can kick start you on the road to profitability  in an fun and easy way. 

The massive traffic of Facebook combined with the no-hassle monetization offered by Teespring is a winning formula for success in nearly any niche.

You never have to worry about the ever-changing whims of Google while trying to make a buck, or spend hours on tedious SEO to make money with Teespring.

I’m not creating this course based on a theory I haven’t tried myself. I’m in the trenches every day, testing and improving my results with Teespring and passing on my tactics to my students. 

Grab this Exclusive Training Designed To Propel You Towards Your Own Profit-Filled Months with Teespring

Now you have the same opportunity to get access to the Teespring training my monthly coaching students are raving about.

I’m not holding anything back here. I’ve giving you my complete blueprint for a successful Teespring business.

You’ll get everything you need to be able to duplicate what I’m doing and start collecting your own Teespring earnings in no time flat.

This is not some big picture only, fluff filled training.

I’m taking you right inside my business and revealing my tried-and-tested Teespring methods straight from the trenches. They can catapult your success just as they have mine. 




Your Complete Step-by-Step Plan for Making $2K per Month with Teespring!

Here are just a few of my customers’ incredible success stories with this training. Keep in mind that these testimonials were written a very short time after the Teespring Crash Course Training was presented. It’s almost unheard for anyone to start a new online business and approach the four-figure mark inside of a month. But that’s exactly what has happened with some of my motivated customers after immersing themselves in my kick-ass Teespring training. I can’t wait to see what else these fast action-takers will accomplish in the coming months . . . are you ready to join them in their triumphs?


Soon, you’ll see stats from your own campaigns just like these (just do the math at an average $8 profit per shirt):


But Tanner, I Don’t Have a Fan Page or a List . . . Can Teespring Crash Course Still Work for Me?

Unequivocally, yes.

If you don’t already have a Fan Page, or a list, but still see the power in Teespring, I have good news for you.

Several of my coaching students lacking either a Fan Page or a list still managed to score big returns on investment by investing small amounts of money in Facebook ads for their shirt campaigns.

Check out the results of my student Trey.

Trey made nearly a $500 profit on a campaign budget of only $20 per day for the 7-day duration of his Teespring campaign ($140.)

But it gets even better!

He also managed to get 443 people to subscribe to his email list during the campaign. 


Check this out:

An over 400% ROI PLUS adding 443 names to your email list within a week? Are you kidding me? That’s success by anyone’s definition.

List or no list, Fan Page or no Fan Page at all, if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to put a little extra jingle in your pocket this week, you owe it to yourself to check out Teespring Crash Course. 



This training is something very special that doesn’t come around every day, folks. 

The Highlights of What You’ll Learn in Teespring Crash Course . . .

There’s just so much info to share in my Teespring Crash Course training that I’ll try to keep it to just the highlights here . . . but know that there’s even more juicy content within each module.

 The Core Modules

The Core Modules of Teespring Crash Course are designed to help you get your campaigns up and running at full capacity in no time flat without overwhelming you with too much information. 

I’ve covered all the bases here, from researching what will sell to over-the-shoulder demos of exactly how to set up your campaigns.

The Core will help you build the foundation for your own four-figure months with Teespring even if you’re not currently a Facebook pro, or you don’t currently have an email list.

You’ll be receiving the same Teespring instruction as my coaching students. They pay me “X” every month to teach them the same kind of tactics like what I’m about to show you with Teespring! 

 Module 1

Teespring Overview

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of Teespring so you’ll understand why this is the hottest opportunity available today to make money fast, even if you’re starting out completely from scratch 
  • My big-picture, totally repeatable and scalable

Teespring campaign flow process that brings in profits like clockwork

 Module 2

Research Mode

  • Learn how to tap into four powerful platforms to make your t-shirt research quick and easy 
  • Your t-shirt designs will always be winners and make tons of sales after you learn how to discover which types of shirts are already selling—No guesswork means more money in your Teespring account
  • How to give your fans a hand in producing the exact t-shirts they want most (Hint: They are more likely to buy because of their participation in the process)
  • How to tap into a little known feature of Teespring that reveals other’s campaigns, including the number of shirts they’ve sold—Fantastic intel when you are seeking to enter a new niche 

Module 3

Campaign Design 

  • What to consider when creating a new t-shirt design—know the three considerations that impact your shirt costs and profits
  • Why you don’t need to be a graphic designer yourself to create a shirt that sells—Here’s four hassle-free ways to get your designs created, including Teespring’s own built-in, no-cost designer preloaded with 10, 000 images for you to use
  • Why manipulating your campaign goals as you go along can lead to more profits in your pockets (grab up to an additional $1.50 in profits per shirt)
  • How and why to adjust your campaign goals as your campaign progresses to reduce your shirt costs 
  • Learn the psychology behind using real world pricing for your shirts and why it makes such an impact on your sales
  • Watch your campaigns take off fast with a little campaign priming that instills buyer confidence 
  • Learn the two approaches to shirt pricing, and when it’s appropriate to go for maximum profit or maximum volume
  • Forget creating fancy, long-form sales copy for your shirt campaigns—it’s counterproductive. Learn the simple offer page must-have elements to create a frenzy of sales 
  • Learn how to keep shirt costs down as low as possible to maximize your profits 
  • Watch live, over-my-shoulder as I set up a complete campaign before your eyes. Replicate my steps to confidently set up your own campaign. 
Module 4

Facebook Marketing Insider Secrets 

  • Even if you are completely new to marketing on Facebook, you’ll learn four ways to sell your shirts socially. Two are paid methods; two are free and you’ll learn how to leverage all of them to your advantage 
  • How to most effectively harness Facebook’s free traffic by including four specific elements in your t-shirt posts 
  • How to effectively sell shirts on Facebook even if you don’t have a Fan Page of your own 
  • Quickly get up to speed on how to create direct link paid ads to your t-shirt offers, including what elements are critical to consider to get maximum exposure for your ads with minimum costs 
  • Learn a ninja trick to lower your ad costs by quickly putting up a Fan Page, even if you don’t have a single fan 
  • Learn how to hone in on your audience with my precise targeting strategy that only  top Facebook marketers are using now
  • Learn how to capitalize on Facebook’s Sponsored Stories to get cheaper clicks and more likes, comments and shares that give you both social proof and provide additional exposure for your t-shirts 
  • Using Facebook’s Power Editor to create dark posts that don’t show up on your own wall, but appear all over Facebook and are targeted with  laser precision to prospects clamouring to buy your shirts
  • Only 7-12% of your fans will see any particular Facebook post but using this inexpensive ad method massively increases exposure to your t-shirt offers and reaches friends of your fan base 

Module 5

Email Marketing 

  • No autoresponder account? No worries! I show you how to use Teespring’s free email platform to drive instant targeted traffic to your offers 
  • How to “make the sale in the email” by incorporating your shirt images directly into your emails 
  • I’ll show you how to create a simple “sold-out” page to capture email addresses so you build buzz and excitement for your upcoming campaigns and grab multiple sales 
  • My simple B.M.E. email method that generates excitement, and builds momentum for your campaigns. Makes your prospects order multiple items from your campaigns so you rapidly increase your profits. 
  • How to introduce more shirt options into your campaigns via email marketing 
  • Use email marketing to boost sales by increasing scarcity for your campaigns 

Module 6

Advanced Tactics 

  • Overcome any “price objection” your prospect might have with my crafty discount page tactic 
  • Get sales even after your campaigns end with my Traffic Recycling tactic that takes the dead links after your campaigns have ended and transforms them into more sales and opt-ins for you 
  • How to tithe your way to massive campaigns  by donating all or a portion of your profits to charity (and grab subscribers for yourself in the process) 
  • Learn how to manipulate your campaign goals to ensure you always get paid for every single campaign you run. 
  • My advanced tactic to increase sales by enhancing your images—simple to do and oh-so-profitable 
  • Keep your profitable campaigns up and running for longer than Teespring normally allows you to cash in big time on your hottest campaigns 
  • Learn the single tactic that increased my campaign ROI’s by a stupendous 50-100% 

All of these Modules Available Immediately to New Students

Value: $297  

Get Core Module Strategies Doused in Rocket Fuel in  The Advanced Modules                                                                          

You know I hate to sound a bit like an infomercial pitchman . . . But I do have even more in store for you!

I have been very busy testing some very advanced Teespring tactics that I haven’t revealed anywhere yet and I’m constantly adding to my toolbox of profit-pulling strategies.

After you’ve already had some experience running your Teespring campaigns, you’ll be completely ready to take advantage of the advanced strategies taught in the Advanced Tactics Modules. 

Shirt Options Planning

  • Why giving more shirt options to your audience is not always optimal for your wallet 
  • Learn why adding the wrong shirt options to your campaigns can hurt sales
  • How asking fans what they want colours they want their shirts produced in their gets you more sales, and keeps you from producing dud campaigns that get few to no sales
  • When to offer dual sex designs and when to avoid them like the plague. What to do instead of offering designs for both male & female audiences that gets you more profits 

Split Posting

  • How to use demographic targeting to make posts that only your targeted demographic will see, allowing you to create campaigns that run simultaneously without burning out your Fan Page members 
  • How to get your female fan page members to pick up shirts for their guys too and vice versa from campaigns targeted at one gender only . . . and they are never spammed with shirt offers for the opposite sex. 
  • Learn how to use the internal demographic targeting features within Facebook to ratchet down your offers to a tightly targeted group of prospects 

Advanced Image Enhancements 

  • Don’t make the mistake of treating your t-shirt offers like long-form sales copy—amp up your results by enhancing your images to build additional desire for your t-shirt campaigns 
  • Take your campaigns to the next level by incorporating social engagement and visual credibility right into your images 
  • Psychological image tactics that make your prospects see themselves wearing your shirt and make them more inclined to purchase your shirts 
  • Incorporate campaign goals into your images to re-enforce scarcity and urgency 
  • Get more shares of your shirt posts for exposure to a wider audience (more exposure=more sales.) 

Simple Sales Tracking for More Cash. 

  • How to create tracking links for Teespring so you’ll know exactly where your sales are coming from—few people know how to take advantage of this feature 
  • You won’t find this training anywhere else—it’s a sneaky loop hole you have to be in the know to find out about. 
  • Easily track which shirts, sizes and colors sell the most so you get the most sales possible by showcasing the t-shirts with the most popular features 
  • No wasting time setting up campaigns for shirts that won’t sell well initially
  • Learn how to manipulate the sales data to run highly targeted PPC campaigns only for your hottest selling shirts . . . can we say KA- CHING?

Crosslinking Campaigns

  • Gain exposure and profits by campaign cross linking that exposes your audience to more of your offers and presents them with multiple opportunities to purchase your shirts. 
  • So underground, literally only one other person is using this profit-pulling crosslinking tactic right now 
  • Imagine exposing your prospects to multiple shirt choices via a single click . . . here’s how . . . 

Case Studies

  • I look back on the campaigns I started during the live training sessions and analyze them in full detail, no holds barred 
  • You’ll see exactly what worked and what didn’t work in each campaign so you can learn from my mistakes and also learn from the successful elements within the campaigns 
  • These case studies will be invaluable to you to avoid making mistakes when you start running your own campaigns 
  • If you do make a misstep in your campaigns, you can review my case studies and see exactly how to correct the problem so you get back on the track to amazing earnings with Teespring 
  • Usually when you see case studies, you only see successful results and never see the small missteps along the way.  By showing you my campaigns warts and all (even though they all did make money) you’ll receive far more insight into how to crush it with Teespring than you would if I only showed polished results


When I think how well my coaching students have done just with the Core Modules in Teespring Crash Course, I can’t help but grin from ear-to-ear.

But I know from my own experiences that you can take my core Teespring strategies and hone them razor-sharp to create even more sales out of thin air.

I’m adding to my dossier of killer Teespring sales strategies almost daily and including them all in the Bonus Module training.

There’s only one small catch . . . and ultimately, it’s for your own benefit.

I’ve decided to make this highly advanced training available only after 30 days of your enrollment in Teespring Crash Course.


I want to ensure that I’m bringing you the freshest, most profit-pulling tactics anywhere without causing you to have an information-overload meltdown.

I want to you to get your campaigns up and running as soon as possible using the Core Training methods.  You’ll quickly get a feel for what works and what doesn’t work for your demographic groups.

In order to get that accomplished, you don’t need to get overwhelmed by information you’re just not quite ready for yet.

This is one of the major reasons people don’t take action on training courses. They get so overwhelmed with information hurled at them at once that they just shut down and do nothing!

I don’t want that to happen to you, so I’ve decided to make the advanced training available 30 days  after you’ve had the opportunity to build a foundation with the core Teespring modules.

Advanced Tactics Bonus Modules –Value: $197

Facebook Mastermind Group

Network with other Teespring power users, and share what’s currently working in your campaigns. It’s highly effective to have an impartial insight into your business to see how you could improve your campaigns.

You’ll be able to get your questions answered quickly and partner with other marketers on highly profitable campaigns.

If you ask any top-notch marketer, mastermind groups are a key element in their success and this Teespring Mastermind Group is no exception.

The Teespring Crash Course Mastermind will scaffold many marketers to making breakthroughs that will take their businesses up many notches just from gleaning insights from other marketers already making a killing with Teespring.

 We’ll delve into the newest profit-pulling strategies daily.

The Mastermind will also save you from wasting your time trying out tactics that just don’t work.

Remember, sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes and another perspective to make your campaigns go boom!

Value $97/month

Total Value of Teespring Crash Course Core and Steath modules: $591

 I’m Ready to Start Making Big Profits the Easy Way with Teespring…Tanner Let Me In!

I am so confident that you are going to absolutely love this Teespring training that I want to offer you something really special . . .

Although if you paid individually for my Teespring Crash Course Modules and bonus content you’d be forking out nearly $600, I want to reach as many people as I can with this special training.

Some of my customers like Wendell are already well on their way to 4-figure months after implementing my Teespring Crash Course training.  Be sure to check out his testimonial below.


Remember: You’re getting an additional five modules of advanced training that Wendell didn’t receive—imagine what your own results could be when you put Teespring Crash Course on steroids!

It’s extremely rare to be able to get in on the ground floor of an opportunity like Teespring—and I want you in with me!

So here’s what I’m going to do . . . I want to offer you something completely crazy.

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For the next 3 days, I’m going to let you get your copy of my Teespring Crash Course for only $97.  

That’s it.

One Low onetime payment and No recurring charges or hidden fees.   

If you’re like my friend Wendell, there’s a good chance you’ll make back your investment your very first month after setting up your Teespring campaigns the way I teach you.

Of course, I can’t promise that you will be as successful as Wendell, but be reassured that there is absolutely nothing left out of my Teespring Crash Course training. You’ll be receiving all the pieces of the puzzle you need for success with Teespring.

Just to Recap . . .

For just $97.00 today, you’ll receive instant access to the following modules:

  • Module 1–Overview
  • Module 2–Research
  • Module 3—Campaign Design
  • Module 4—Facebook Marketing
  • Module 5—Email Marketing

You’ll  also receive access to the Advanced Tactics Modules consisting of:

  • T-Shirt Options Planning
  • Targeted Split Posting
  • Advanced Image Enhancements
  • Simple Sales Tracking for More Profits
  • Crosslinking Campaigns
  • Case Studies

Again, your investment for Teespring Crash Course is just $97.00 today and that INCLUDES access to my private Teespring Mastermind Group.

Remember, you’re getting a value of $591 here for less than a fraction of the price. You can’t get a better deal than that.  

You’ll get exactly the same kind of high-quality training my monthly coaching students receive for much less than you’d expect.

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Teespring is working for me, and I know it can work for you too.

If you’ve been struggling to effectively monetize your Fan Pages . . . stop.

There’s no more effective and simple monetization system out there than Teespring Crash Course!

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You never need to worry about Google slaps again when you combine Facebook’s massive user base with the power of Teespring.

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Probably because it’s so good they want to keep this one to themselves!

But I believe in helping make a difference in people’s lives.

There’s very limited training available right now on how to capitalize with Teespring and none as thorough as this.

 You’ll be on the ground floor of the Teespring opportunity with Teespring Crash Course

I poured my heart and soul into creating the most comprehensive Teespring training I possibly could for you to gain success with Teespring.

 I’m showing you my entire Teespring business blueprint with Advanced Techniques you’ll see nowhere else.

Techniques that allow me to profit like this (on a weekly basis)…


It’s time to make a choice.

You can continue to undermonetize your Facebook pages and miss out on profits.  You can keep getting a huge number of fans but seeing little return for your efforts.

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Remember, even if you don’t currently have any Fan Pages, or an email list, my training will still show you how to make money with Teespring.

This isn’t some rehashed training spun from someone else’s tired 2011 course. This training shows you exactly what I’m doing right now to make money with Teespring.

Remember, the risk is all on me—you can cancel if you’re not blown away by what I reveal in Teespring Crash Course and owe nothing more.


Here’s my personal guarantee to you:  

My 100% No-Risk Guarantee

After paying your $97.00 today, you’ll receive access to Teespring Crash Course. Look over everything; watch the videos and set up your first campaigns. You are free to cancel at any time during the first 30 days of using TSCC and give up your access to the training program.  The risk is all on me.

Your total commitment is $97.00 today. You’ll never be billed again.  This is my personal guarantee to you.



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Tanner Larsson

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